Statements on Department of Education Granting Debt Relief to 79,000 Former Students of For-Profit Westwood College 

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August 30, 2022 Student Defense, NCLC, Lawyers’ Committee Issue Statements on Department of Education Granting Debt Relief to 79,000 Former Students of For-Profit Westwood College  Today, the U.S. Department of Education issued a final decision granting relief to roughly 79,000 former students at Westwood College.  In response, Student Defense, the National Consumer Law Center, and [...]

New Report Finds Incarcerated Federal Student Loan Borrowers Systematically Denied Access to Student Loan Relief

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July 27, 2022 Impossibility of Navigating Student Loan System While Behind Bars Poses Massive Risks to Administration's Recent Pell and Fresh Start Proposals WASHINGTON — Today, the Student Borrower Protection Center and National Consumer Law Center released a first-of-its-kind report examining the intersection of two social justice crises long in the making—the student loan debt [...]

Water Affordability Advocacy Toolkit

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Protesters march against mass water shutoffs in Detroit, Michigan on July 18, 2014. (Pictured at second-from-left: Maureen Taylor, chair of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, a co-sponsoring organization of the rally.)Joshua Lott/Getty Images Written by Olivia Wein, Karen Lusson, & Berneta Haynes, National Consumer Law Center Co-authored with Larry Levine & Sam Whillans, Natural [...]

Scam Robocalls: Telecom Providers Profit

Report Executive Summary Appendix 1: Other Invasive Robocalls Appendix 2: Scam Robocalls in the States Tables Press Release       Published June 1, 2022 ©National Consumer Law Center, Inc. and Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Overview Every month, more than one billion scam robocalls designed to steal money from unsuspecting telephone subscribers are made [...]

How to Stop EasyPay Finance/TAB Bank Automatic Debits from Your Bank Account

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You have two separate options for stopping preauthorized recurring debits from your bank account. You may want to use both. For more information, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: How do I stop automatic payments from my bank account? IMPORTANT: Stopping debits from your bank account does not stop your obligation to [...]

NCLC 2022 Federal Priorities

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NCLC 2022 Consumer Protection Federal Priorities Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Debt: 2022 Federal Legislative Priorities Housing Ensuring Access to Sustainable Homeownership: 2022 Priorities  Racial Justice and Equal Economic Opportunity Unfinished Business: Roadmap for an Equitable Economic Recovery in 2022

Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in the United States

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This spreadsheet has state-by-state information about which high-cost rent-a-bank lenders are operating in each state. The state-specific issue briefs below have an overview of rent-a-bank lending in these states (updated February 2022): Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in Alaska Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in Arizona Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in Arkansas Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in Colorado Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending [...]

The High Cost of a Fresh Start

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Report Executive Summary Appendix: Court Debt as a Barrier to Clearing a Conviction Record Graphics Press Release         Published February 14, 2022 ©National Consumer Law Center, Inc. Overview This report explores the extent to which restricting access to record clearing based on outstanding criminal fines, fees, costs, and restitution—collectively known as “court [...]

No Fresh Start in 2021: will states let debt collectors push families into poverty as pandemic protections expire? (web version)

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November 2021 © Copyright 2021, National Consumer Law Center, Inc. All rights reserved. See Print Version Why State Exemption Laws Are Important Map 1: Overall Ratings Story: West Virginia Nurse Finds Bank Account Frozen in Midst of Pandemic Protection of Wages: Can a Creditor Reduce a Debtor to Below the Poverty Level? Map [...]