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NCLC’s 50 Greatest Hits 

Throughout our 50th anniversary year, NCLC is highlighting some of our most important accomplishments over five decades of advocacy for consumer rights and economic justice. This collection of hits is sequenced neither by date or relative importance, but every one has had an important impact on the development of consumer law and the protection of vulnerable consumers. NCLC is grateful to all of the supporters and consumer champions who played a role in making these accomplishments possible!


Just in time for the kick-off of National Consumer Law Center’s 50th anniversary comes the newest edition of Surviving Debt

SurvivingDebt1992A worn copy of the first edition of Surviving Debt, published in 1992 NCLC’s consumer guide for getting out of financial trouble.  The new Surviving Debt edition has a new cover and a lower price and  is available for sale at, and makes a great gift for clients, friends, paralegals, and staff. Bulk discounts are also available.
“A wealth of expert legal advice on dealing with an overwhelming debt burden.” — Senator Elizabeth Warren, Founder, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
“The best book available for consumers in financial trouble.”— Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director, Consumer Federation of America
SurvivingDebt 50edSurviving Debt, 2019 ed. commemorating NCLC’s 50th anniversary