Expert Witness Services || Co-Counseling with NCLC

Whether you want assistance analyzing a client’s TILA disclosure statement and other complex documents, assistance in drafting a complaint or appellate brief, or an expert witness to help you prove your consumer’s case, NCLC’s experts are ready to help. For more than thirty years, NCLC has been on the forefront of developments affecting consumer law and litigation. Our expert and consulting services are typically performed by staff with 30 or more years of consumer law experience. This breadth and depth of our knowledge and skills permit us to offer high-quality consulting not available elsewhere.

Our broad consumer practice has afforded us a special cache between, and among, widely disparate groups that ordinarily would not be natural allies. Yet, NCLC has sufficient credibility and trust among all of these potential partners to be able to create coalitions that are stronger, and more effective, than any individual effort could be. NCLC hopes to attract interested lawyers to a consumer-oriented practice by providing opportunities for training and experience through co-counseling arrangements.

Upon request we will determine if we can help and provide an estimate of the time required. Because the NCLC attorneys that provide consulting assistance are the same attorneys who write our manuals, train attorneys, advocate for policy improvements, and engage in all the work we do here at NCLC, consulting and expert witness assistance, especially for cases with a limited timeframe, may not always be available.