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Dick Bauer, Access to Justice Fellow

2020-03-02T08:27:39-05:00February 24, 2020|Categories: About Us|

Dick Bauer joined National Consumer Law Center as HomeCorps Project Supervisor in Fall 2014, focusing on foreclosures and mortgage issues. As an Access to Justice fellow, most of Dick’s time has been spent supervising and mentoring on appeals and other housing cases. He also provides technical assistance, mentoring, and training to a number of other [...]

HAMP Policy Analysis

2019-03-08T08:21:43-05:00March 8, 2019|Categories: Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)|

Analysis and Recommendations No Hope for Homeowners: The Administration’s Home Affordable Unemployment Program Hurts the Unemployed, July 2010 Home Affordable Modification Program: Borrower Notices Fall Short, November 2009 Homeowners Need Mandatory Loan Modifications and Expanded Access to Mediation; Current Programs Fall Short, September 2009 NCLC's Home Affordable Modification Program Recommendations, July 2009 NCLC's Home Affordable [...]

Driving with Debt: What Attorneys and Organizers Can Do to Address the Problem of Driver’s License Suspensions for Court Debt

2019-02-19T13:00:55-05:00January 31, 2019|Categories: Auto Sales & Financing, Criminal Debt Justice|

January 31, 2019 Most states suspend driver's licenses based on unpaid debts arising out of criminal proceedings or traffic tickets, and as a result millions of low-income people have lost their licenses simply because they cannot afford to pay fines and fees. This webinar will briefly address the harsh, perverse, and discriminatory impact of such [...]

How the Government Shutdown Puts Working Families at Risk

2019-02-15T14:29:32-05:00January 17, 2019|Categories: Media Center|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JANUARY 23, 2019 National Consumer Law Center contact: Jan Kruse (jkruse@nclc.org) or (617) 542-8010 Washington, D.C. – As the longest federal government shutdown in our nation’s history drags on, attorneys at the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) raised concern as to how working families could potentially be harmed long after the government reopens [...]

Debt Collection Fact Sheets

2020-08-04T13:30:50-05:00December 21, 2018|Categories: Issues|

Racial Disparities in Consumer Debt Collection and (Infographic) Servicemembers, Veterans, and Debt Collection and (Infographic) Older Consumers and Debt Collection and (Infographic) Medical Debt Collection and (Infographic) Student Debt Collection and (Infographic)  Pervasiveness of Consumer Debt Collection Debt Buyers and Debt Collection National and State Debt Collection Data National Debt Collection in the States and D.C. [...]

Advocates at Nearly 75 National, State, and Community Groups Urge Consumer Bureau to Protect Consumers from Abusive Debt Collection Practices in 2019

2019-02-15T14:26:18-05:00December 20, 2018|Categories: Media Center|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2018 Contacts: National Consumer Law Center: Jan Kruse (jkruse@nclc.org) or April Kuehnhoff (akuhenhoff@nclc.org); (617) 542-8010 Americans for Financial Reform: Carter Dougherty (carter@ourfinancialsecurity.org) or Linda Jun (linda@ourfinancialsecurity.org); (202) 251-6700 Washington, D.C. – Advocates from 74 national and state advocacy groups sent a letter yesterday afternoon to new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [...]

After Multiple Lawsuits and Court Order, Education Department Finally Agrees to Provide Relief to Students Hurt By School Closures

2019-02-15T14:25:17-05:00December 14, 2018|Categories: Media Center|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2018 ||  Contacts: Abby Shafroth (ashafroth@nclc.org) or Jan Kruse (jkruse@nclc.org); (617) 542-8010 Boston – Yesterday evening, after multiple lawsuits by borrowers and state attorneys general and a federal court order, the U.S. Department of Education announced that it would begin providing relief to approximately 15,000 student loan borrowers eligible for [...]

How California’s New Privacy Law Affects Everyone

2019-02-19T13:02:41-05:00December 13, 2018|Categories: Other Webinars|

December 13, 2018 A new California law that changes the way companies handle personal information could affect consumers nationwide. The law imposes some of the toughest privacy protections in the country, but the law stops short of tougher measures California was considering. The law, which takes effect in 2020, mandates a wide variety of new [...]

Consumer Bureau’s Shocking New “No Consumer Protection” Policy

2019-03-27T11:00:19-05:00December 11, 2018|Categories: Media Center|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 11, 2018 National Consumer Law Center contacts: Lauren Saunders (lsaunders@nclc.org) or Jan Kruse (jkruse@nclc.org) Proposed Policy Changes Could Exempt Entire Industries from Consumer Laws and Regulations Washington, D.C. – In a final affront to American families as acting director Mick Mulvaney headed out the door, just hours before Kathy Kraninger was [...]

Advocates Decry Lack of Compensation in Consumer Bureau Settlement

2018-12-07T21:21:44-05:00December 7, 2018|Categories: Media Center|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 7, 2018CONTACTS: National Consumer Law Center: Jan Kruse (jkruse@nclc.org) or Chi Chi Wu (cwu@nclc.org); (617) 542-8010Consumer Federation of America: Christopher L. Peterson, (202) 387-6121 x1020Consumers Abused by State Farm Deserve BetterWashington, D.C. – Advocates from the Consumer Federation of American and the National Consumer Law Center criticized the Consumer Financial Protection [...]