Consumer Warranty Law

Consumer Warranty Law

Covering the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the UCC, state lemon laws, auto repair statutes, state manufactured home warranty laws and more.

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In most states, a manufactured housing community can be sold out from under the residents without giving the residents any advance notice or any opportunity to purchase the community themselves. A few states require the residents to be given advance notice and an opportunity to purchase the community, but in most of these states there are significant gaps in the law.

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How Secure is the Land in Your Manufactured Housing Community?


California Connecticut Delaware Florida Maine Massachusetts Minnesota Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Oregon Rhode Island Vermont Washington
 red-legendThis state has no laws giving manufactured home community residents the opportunity to purchase their communities
yellow-legend Some protection when community is sold, but significant gaps
green-legend Strong protection when community is sold 

State by state information

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Policy Analysis

Advocating at the Local Level (Policy Guide),  Aug. 2018

Resident Ownership of Manufactured Home Communities

First Steps Toward a Resident Purchase Opportunity (Policy Guide), Feb. 2017

Promoting Resident Ownership of Communities (Policy Guide with model law and full text of existing laws, Jan. 2021; Summary of State Purchase Opportunity Laws, Jan. 2021 )

Promoting Resident Ownership of Communities (Policy Brief)

Fundamental Freedoms in Manufactured Home Communities

Protecting Fundamental Freedoms in Communities (Policy Guide with model law) and Appendix (full text of state laws), Jan. 2015

Protecting Fundamental Freedoms in Communities (2-page Policy Brief)

Titling and Financing of Manufactured Homes

Titling Reform: How States Can Encourage GSE Investment in Manufactured Homes (Feb. 2016)

Summary of Model State Law (2012)

Accessing Public Resources for Homes and Communities (Sept. 2010)

Financing Homes in Communities (Policy Guide) (Sept. 2008)

Titling Homes as Real Property (Policy Analysis)

Titling Homes as Real Property (Policy Brief)

Comprehensive Model Law

AARP: Manufactured Housing Tenants: Shifting the Balance of Power, June 2004

Testimony and Letters

Policy Briefs

How Are the Federal SAFE Act, the Federal Truth in Lending Act, State Loan Originator Regulation, and Manufactured Housing Related?, December 2015

Administrative Agency Comments

Resources for Attorneys

Consumer Warranty Law
A comprehensive guide to consumer warranty claims, including a chapter on manufactured homes.

A detailed analysis of consumer protections against repossession, including lengthy subsections on manufactured home repossessions.

Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing
A guide to defending consumers from foreclosure, including a chapter on manufactured homes.

Background Information and Resources

Materials from Homes on Land of Another Symposium, November 8, 2007, Washington, D.C.


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